How to access instance of own field?

How to access instance of own field?

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I was searching for answer without success, trying to read manual and guide:
but has stack.
I have own field type prepared based on above guide. Working fine, but I do not know how can I access my own instance from set(), get() etc field's functions? I have code doing some stuff preparing widget etc and in some cases I would like to fire error or put other information for user using build-in field attributes and functions.
Should I store reference to my object in global jscript scope? What is the proper way to use API functions provided by Editor on my own field instance?


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    Store the instance into the conf object that is passed into each plug-in method. That conf object is unique to each field.

    You can see a basic example of that in this plug-in (and most of the others) where I use conf._input = $('<div id="'+id+'"></div>');.


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