Download builder not working for me

Download builder not working for me

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1 month ago I downloaded datatables (including licensed editor) through download builder.
the datatables.min.js file header pointed me to this url to rebuild with latest versions:,ed-bsdate-4.15.35,dt-1.10.10,b-1.1.0,b-html5-1.1.0,e-1.5.3,ef-bsdatetime-4.15.35,fc-3.2.0,fh-3.1.0,kt-2.1.0,r-2.0.0,se-1.1.0

Today I wanted to rebuild with the latest Editor 1.5.4 and adding "Field-Type Select2" plugin, so I:

  • logged in to my user account
  • visited this url above
  • selected the File-type Select2 option, plus minify, single file & local files.
  • clicked the download button

and what I got is (compared using diff) exactly the same release file that can be downloaded from here:

no trace of the Datatables folder, datatables.js, datatables.css, datatables.min.js or datatables.min.css

I tried multiple times with different packages/options selected and with local files enables. Always got the same zip file, all the selected packages options were ignored.

Am I doing anything wrong?

PS: navigating from OSX yosemite + Google Chrome 47.0.2526.106 (64-bit)

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  • allanallan Posts: 48,918Questions: 1Answers: 7,133 Site admin
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    You weren't doing anything wrong. i'm afraid that was a bug I introduced into the download builder by mistake while trying to resolve a different issue (to do with Bootstrap styling and class name overlap).

    I've corrected this now and the download builder will now operate as expected.


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    thank you for the fast response.

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